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Art update.   
04:37pm 24/06/2004
  Here we have Neville/Draco, two Snape/Hagrid, Harry/Lupin, and Snape/Lupin.

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Next quarter.   
09:43pm 24/02/2004
  I'm very happy with my schedule for next quarter (starts end of March). I'll have two online classes and the other three only meet once a week, and on different days. No more sitting at Uni from 7:30am to 2pm three days a week, which I do now because my classes are on the same days one after the other but with gaps in the between. My current schedule annoys the hell out of me. There is only so much I can do from the computer lab, and the computers there are so annoying with their stupid virus shields and so on and so forth. Can't use them for much more than typing, and I can't even do that because I hate typing in a room full of people (just a weird quirk of mine, I guess).

In other news, I have to skip tomorrow's classes because from tomorrow til late Sunday night I'm responsible for my siblings while my dad goes out of town on business. I'm worried since there are only two weeks left before finals week, and skipping anything now could really hurt. Although, I am doing extremely well so it's not like it could be the difference between passing and not. More like possibly a difference between and A and a B, if I manage to miss something very, very important. Probably won't. Classes are pretty monotonous and so far everything's been straight out of the book... another thing that irks me about this quarter.

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Personal update. And Misconceptions.   
08:17pm 30/01/2004
  The Misconceptions MPreg Fuh-Q-Fest is starting tomorrow! So, if you've ever written mpreg, want to write mpreg, or want to read mpreg, join the group and participate.

I don't want to neglect this journal, so despite not having a lot to say, I'll make a fairly long entry. ::rolls eyes::

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Programs and Tools for Fanfic Authors   
12:40am 24/01/2004
  I've compiled a list of tools and programs that are useful to fanfic authors... and readers... hell, anyone who uses the web.

Some examples include:

  • use a text editor that has more features than you'll know what to do with
  • download your Yahoo and Hotmail messages into Outlook Express, Eudora,
    or other client
  • kill all popups, not just the ones in some stupid database
  • remove spyware and viruses from your computer
  • find out how language differs between the USA and the UK
  • organize your graphics and get free image hosting for your livejournal
  • turn CDs into mp3s

But that's only the beginning. All programs are free, run on win95 or higher, and are personally tested by me. Did I mention free?



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11:08am 20/01/2004
mood: confused
Lately I've been in a very odd mood. Restless. Can't concentrate on anything for very long. Feel like I have too much to do and nothing to do... at the same time! Very unlike me. ::frowns::

Edited some of my earlier fanarts. Added background to the 'Ron with twins' pics. Worked a bit on my new Sirius/James pics. Then spent over two hours pouring over a pile of old photography books. Since they're from the 70s and 80s I figure they might be safer to use than stock photos for my manips.

I need to write.

I think it's my writer's block that's making me feel like this. I haven't written anything in about two weeks. It's driving me nuts! ::sulks::

Edited at 12:10pm
I won't put up another entry just to add this bit. Here's another finished SB/JP fanart. This was probably the easiest one I ever did. Only four photos went into the creation of this image (plus about half a dozen filters and three hours of work!).

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Lost mpreg fanart.   
04:43am 20/01/2004
  I did this fanart ages ago. I uploaded it to the mpreg groups, but then I totally forgot to put it up on my homepage. Sheesh. It's up now... and I edited it a bit and made it larger.

Here you go, Harry hugging pregnant Draco.

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More fanart.   
12:55am 20/01/2004
  Yeah, I'm still on a SB/JP kick. Here's a picture of the boys in bed. I think this is my favorite so far. And one of them in a book shop in Diagon Alley.

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More fanart.   
07:07pm 18/01/2004
  I just joined the Sirius/James group. I only recently discovered this pairing, and I just love it. There's something about those two together. Maybe because AU's and AR's are so accepted, and there is so much angst but at the same time they're sweet together. So...

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New fanart.   
11:20pm 17/01/2004
  I am aware that I haven't posted here in ages.

It would take too long to write an explanation, and anyway, it doesn't matter. Lets just say I was really busy with real life.

I have a new piece of fanart. I don't know if it's slash, exactly. I had this idea in my head, and I was playing around with a new graphics program, and this is what I came up with.

Sirius and Harry, riding Sirius' motorbike over Hogwarts. Sirius is showing Harry the controls. Harry is draped over Sirius' lap (lets hope he doesn't fall off!).

Enjoy! And please let me know what you think of it. This style was experimental and I want feedback on it. I will be very grateful.

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Personal update.   
10:42pm 05/11/2003
mood: distressed
This will go under a cut tag so no one has to read it who doesn't want to. Warning: topic is child abuse.

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Alright. Oh, really???   
03:39pm 28/10/2003
mood: annoyed
I have an English professor who should be fired immediately.

She marked "all right" as wrong! According to her, it should be "alright."

I got an A on the paper, so I'm not interested in complaining, but WTF???

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I need a new brain.   
05:06am 27/10/2003
mood: nervous
I need a new brain. A shiny, brand new brain that can do math.

What is wrong with me? I really want to know. Why can't I do this when everyone else can?


I hate math so badly, sometimes it actually makes me want to throw up.

Every time I look at a number I instantly feel like a total idiot.

I swear someone must have dropped me on my head when I was a baby.

I have a math test tomorrow.

Shoot me. Shoot me now. It will save me a lot of suffering.

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03:40pm 23/10/2003
  I just got back from a study group, which was so boring I just about died. Seriously. We met at the library and went over notes for two and a half hours. It did nothing for me. It seems I have the best notes of anyone. ::is annoyed::

That it. I'm never getting talked into doing study groups again. They never help me. I study better on my own.

Exams are all next week. Yuck. ::makes disgusted face::

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I got a new kitty!   
10:23pm 19/10/2003
mood: jubilant
I got a new kitty! ::grins like a loon::

My old cat Crookshanks isn't too happy. But she will just have to get used to it. I mean, she has no choice. She is too fat to leave the house so there's no chance of her deciding to split (like one of my cats did once).

The kitten is so tiny! I don't think I've had one this small before. In fact now that I think about it, all of my cats have been shelter adoptees. This time one of my friends' cats had kitten and I really wanted one because of how pretty they were. The one I got is gray and has huge green eyes.

I haven't thought of a name yet. I want something Harry Potter related. And not Hermione. ::glares at little sis, who suggested it::

Maybe Ginny though. There's no chance I'll ever have a ginger cat, so I might as well. Or maybe Luna? ::feels very uncreative::

Bellatrix? Bella? Trix? Tonks?

Damn, there just aren't any good female names in the books!

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08:12pm 17/10/2003
mood: exhausted
I'm soooo tired. I could just die. But I still have to do a short response paper! Ugh.

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Fanart feedback.   
05:19pm 14/10/2003
mood: content
I had two good feedbacks on my fanart today. And I haven't even done anything new in ages!

It was on my Harry Potter art, so maybe a link to my page got posted somewhere, which might explain it.

Actually, I very rarely get feedback of any kind, and that's fine, though it's nice to get it. Con crit would be nice. ::frowns::

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11:49pm 06/10/2003
mood: cranky
I'm ignoring this journal, aren't I? ::slaps self silly::

Things have been hectic to say the least. My classes are piling on the work, and somehow I got quite a bit behind, so now I'm spending all my time studying for one thing or another. And it's too early in the quarter for that! Why are they assigning stuff already?! ::sulks::

I started several mpreg fics in the HP fandom. But I have made a new rule for myself: I shall not post WIPs. So who knows when they will see the light of day? I feel unhappy. I want to get some stuff out there, you know? I have only one fic so far, and a short almost-drabble. I want more to show for all the hours I spend writing! ::glares at pile of WIPs and snippets::

Anyway, I'm going to bed now. I'm so tired, after getting up at 6am this morning. I barely kept awake all day.

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Reading, reading, reading.   
11:41pm 03/10/2003
mood: cranky
I finally got caught up with all my email from my Spike/Xander groups. Now I have an empty mailbox, which hasn't happened in a long, long time. It is sort of vaguelly upsetting.

It's kind of hard to find the right kind of fic in this pairing, mainly because I haven't yet figured out what type of fics I enjoy most. It's very random, it seems.

I wish I could write something in the fandom. I just haven't got what it takes. Now, if I hadn't missed vital parts of the show... ::sulks::

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Lj at last!   
04:07pm 19/09/2003
mood: bouncy
I won't say the obvious. Everyone with eyes can see I have an lj now.

I think I'll use this for page updates and such, more than anything else, but we'll see.

I haven't had time to work on my manips in ages. Mostly because my harddrive (I have a very poor 6GB computer, no good for graphics!) is junked up with mp3 files right now. I'm working on transfering them to a removable harddrive, but it's taking time because I want to sort them out while I'm at it. Why do the same job twice.

I have so many cute piccies that will make good Xander/Spike manips, but I need more actual Spike and Xander pictures. I found an awesome site at http://www.bbc.co.uk/cult/ which has a huge gallery with high-res images, but it definitely isn't enough... Guess the search goes on. I'm frustrated with Harry Potter manips for the same reason -- not enough pics available, or they're too small and low-res to work with. Or they're too dark. Snape seems to always be on a dark background, which is hard to edit out.

Anyway, I have to start thinking about Uni. Only one week of break left. I don't know what I did with all my time. It just vanished into a black hole. I have nothing to show for it.

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